Long or short term therapy for adults, young people and children.


I offer long term and short term therapy to adults, young people and children.

This is usually a weekly meeting of 50 minutes for an agreed number of sessions. There are many reasons people choose to come and see me,  from those having a clear picture as to why they want to talk to those who just feel something isn’t quite right in their lives.

I would want any client to explore in their initial consultation what has brought them to therapy and what they want to get out of their time with me. Its important to be able to build a relationship of extreme trust with a therapist and this would be the beginning of that process. You would never be obliged or pressured to agree to therapy or to continue if you felt it wasn’t right for you. If I felt I couldn’t help you I would make sure you knew where else you could go for support.


My areas of specific expertise include eating disorders, self harm and trauma so many clients come to me because of those specialisms but I am also experienced in the many varied issues and difficulties that make our lives challenging. At times life can seem overwhelming and talking to someone who will not judge and who will listen with an open heart can help us make sense of our world.

If you are looking for treatment for a young person under the age of 16 then a meeting with carers and the young person would be the first stage.

I am committed to equality & access in therapy so offer a sliding scale for all treatments.

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